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For Whom?

Psychomotor therapy focuses on each stage of an individual’s life.


Goal: Help the integration of their psychological, motor and social learning processes.

Main indications: Prematurity, birth trauma, relationship troubles, deficiency, handicap, motor milestones delay.


Goal: Open their communication and expression capacities, support learning and development.

Main indications: Developmental delay, learning difficulties at school, behavioural disorder, ADD/ADHD, pervasive development disorder, autism, dyspraxia, dysgraphia, physical, mental, neurological or genetic disorder.


Goal: Help better live with the psychical and body modifications appearing at this age.

Main indications: Relational problem, behavioural and/or personality disorder, body schema and body image disorder, eating disorder.

Pregnant woman

Goal: Accompany physical and psychological modifications due to pregnancy.

Main indications: Stress and anxiety, birth preparation, classes about the motor development of the future baby.


Goal: Support and accompany in difficult times or in case of psycho-physical fatigue.

Main indications: Stress, anxiety, breakdown, somatisation disorder.


Goal: Support and accompany the person in their ageing process.

Main indications: Breakdown, post-hospitalisation, independence decrease, balance disorder, dementia, degenerative diseases.

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