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Gifts for a baby aged 12 to 18 months old

Walking is getting easier, baby loves to push furniture all over the house!

To better meet this need, you can offer him a baby push walker or a baby ride on. Quick reminder, according to te AAP and a lot of professionals, baby walkers can be dangerous and aren’t good for your child’s development: baby is sitting inside not developing an appropriate balance or good feet position on the floor. Pull toys are a great idea to encourage your child to walk.

He or she is starting to enjoy puzzles, choose them very simple: a few pieces only, simple look without too many details. The best is to start with wooden peg puzzles with simple shapes.

You can also continue to offer him or her sensory and building toys: cubes, blocks, magnetic games…

Flexible toys like toys you’ll find at Grimms wooden toys are great! They will keep your child focused for hours, there are no rules, no good way to play, your child will be totally free to use them as he wishes therefore enhancing his creativity!

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