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Gifts for pre-teens and teenagers

Your child has more specific interests: some are fascinated by science or mechanics, others spend hours painting or drawing in notebooks, others can't stay away from their fantastic novels. For others it will be sport, jewellery making and other creative hobbies or role-playing games and of course video games (in moderation!). So rely on what the child loves to please him.

Also, consider offering quality moments that will get your teen out of the house and allow you to share a few moments together: a movie session, a kayak trip, a cultural event such as a concert, a day at an amusement park, a cooking or DIY class (there are more and more DIY workshops available to everyone), a weekend in a big city or a ski trip, tickets for a football game, a ballet, a horseback riding competition, a good restaurant for gourmets, an escape game, an adventure trip or karting, etc.

Otherwise there are a lot of super nice board games, the classics like Monopoly, Clue, Risk, and others more recent that are beginning to be essential like Dobble, Ticket to ride, Catan, Dixit... Visit a specialized store for the best advice on choosing THE game your teen will enjoy!

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