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Raun Kauffman, the first Son-Rise kid and I at the Autism Treatment Center of America June 2017

Autism is a disorder I particularly care about. In addition to my original training, I am learning the American method of the Son-Rise Program.


This method does not see autism as a behavioural disorder, but as a social-relational disorder. It is based on the following principle: Rather than forcing your child to conform to a world he/she doesn’t yet understand, you need to start by joining him/her in his/her world first.


The founders, Bears and Samahria Kauffman, use a simple phrase to sum up the Son-Rise Program: “They show us the way in, we show them the way out”. By joining them in their own world, we can form a connection and help them get out.


I come to the patient’s home for one to two-hour sessions to help you put a program together and to support your child in their discovery of the other. The Son-Rise Program is adapted to children who do not speak (yet!) as well as to high-functioning children, no matter their age (even adults!).


For more information about the Son-Rise Program, check out their website:

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