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Parenthood Support

To help you better adjust to your baby, be it your first child or your fourth, I offer you 4 different workshops opened to everyone: pregnant women, mums, dads, nurses, au pair, etc.

Little extra: in every workshop, you will learn the “magic position” which helps calm a crying baby and reduce some pains. I will also teach you how to lift and put down your baby when he is sleeping without waking him up.



Developmental milestones 

The goal of this workshop is to familiarize yourself with the development of your child. I will share best practices to enable a harmonious development respectful of his rhythm (postures, spatial planning, choice of games and toys).


This workshop is always interesting, no matter the age of your child and its stage of development.


Duration of the workshop: 1 hour


Content of the workshop: The sessions are essentially based on the observation of your child. Depending on its stage of development, we will consider the following situations:

  • Baby is lying down

  • Baby is sitting

  • Baby is crawling

  • Baby is standing up

  • Baby is walking

  • Baby is manipulating

  • Recommended and/or not recommended equipment


Individual session: $70

Step By Step offer: one monthly session during 6 months to best support your child: $300


Session happens at home.

Baby wearing

Come discover and experiment different ways to carry your baby respecting the development of your child. Learn how to tie a sling and how to choose the right baby carrier among the large offer on the market.


Duration of the workshop: Two 1-hour sessions


Content of the workshop: You will test different ways to carry your child

with baby wraps or baby carriers and you will learn some knots according

to your needs.


It is possible to do one or two additional deep dive sessions, in particular if

you have several young children.


I also suggest a catch-up session if you forgot any learnings and need more



If you already have slings or baby carriers, bring them with you.

For pregnant women, dolls will be at your disposal to practice.



Standard package (2 x 1 hour) : $130 for one person; $140 for a couple

Deep-dive session (1 hour): $60 for one person; $65 for a couple

Catch-up session (45 minutes, valid 6 months after the first session): $45 for one person; $50 for a couple

Baby massage

Have a relaxing break and share a peaceful moment with your child through massage therapy. Learn how to massage him depending on his age and needs.


Duration of the workshop: 1 hour


Content of the workshop: According to your child’s age, we will see:

  • Back massage

  • Legs and feet massage

  • Belly massage with some tips to help with digestive issues such as

         constipation, colic

  • Chest and arms massage

  • Face massage

  • Self-massage if your child is older than 18 months


Individual sessions happen at home. I also organise group sessions at my place. It is also possible for you to organise a group session at your house (3 babies maximum) with your friends.



Individual session: $60 for one person; $85 for a couple

Group session: $45 for one person; $60 for a couple

Baby Sign Language

Baby Sign Language is a precious way to communicate and interact with

your child from an early age. 

Duration of the workshop: 1 hour

Content of the workshop: During this class, we will see what the advantages of

baby sign language are and how you can implement this technique in your daily



You will learn a few signed nursery rhymes to make the learning easier and

fun and to stimulate your baby's interest. 

I will also teach you basics signs related to your baby's needs, emotions as well as

a few activities like play, read, etc. We will use signs from the American Sign Language.


Introduction session: $60

Deep-dive session: $45

Baby carrying
Early motricity
Baby massage
Baby Sign Language
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