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Gifts for a baby aged 0 to 3 months old

What babies need the most the very first months of their life is being held, hugged, massaged… There is no point in showering them with stuffed animals or toys, too much stuff will most likely over stimulate them.

Also, it’s a good idea to offer gifts that will be useful for parents: a baby wearing class, a workshop about the baby’s development, a nice massage oil adapted for baby’s skin, a family photo shoot, a nice piece of clothing, a cute baby wrap…

If you really want to offer something for the baby, go for a plush toy with sober colors, offer a fabric book or some black and white contrasted images because these will easily capture their attention. Montessori mobiles are a great gift idea, you can even do it yourself thanks to tutorials on internet. Parents will love this intention!

Examples of plush toys, fabric books

Doudou Manipani

Doudous Cyrillus

Doudou Maileg Best Friends

Doudou JellyCat

Montessori mobiles

Tutorials to DIY them:

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