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Gifts for a toddler aged 18 to 24 months old

This is an age where children love to touch everything they see...

They’ll be happy to receive some play dough, finger paint, paintbrushes and pencils easy to grab with their small hands.

They still love stacking toys as well as puzzles.

Sensory blocks are very popular as are musical instruments. Remember to vary the ways of use: instruments for which you have to hit (tambourine, djembe, xylophone, boomwhackers...), in which you blow (whistle, flute, small trumpet), instruments to shake (bells, maracas, rain stick...), without forgetting piano and guitar/ukulele.

It is also the age when we love to imitate mom and dad, therefore doll games, tea sets, grocery stores, are very popular.

To promote independence, think of the observation tower, which is very successful from the age of 18 months!

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