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Gifts for children aged 3 to 5 years old

Your child develops his imagination and likes to invent stories.

Costumes, puppets, small characters like Playmobil or Slvanian families, doctor's supplies or mechanic's bench, dinosaurs and other animal figurines are perfectly adapted for this age group.

The Luniimaginaire is a great gift to give at this age to encourage the child to love creating and listening to stories.

To practice fine motor skills, there is nothing like gear sets, fishing games, large mosaics, Kapla, Playmags tiles, stacking sets, wooden fruit to cut, locks or dressing boards (which you can make yourself).

Offer him all kinds of supports to draw and express his artistic side: blackboard, stamps, stencils, paint, markers, chalk, Woody pencils from Stabilo to write on any type of support, stickers, scissors and glue. For the sensory side, Playdoh and all the accessories that go with it (roller, knife, cookie cutter, etc.), kinetic sand or even playfoam will be enjoyed by your child.

And to play outside? Here are some ideas according to your budget and the space available: a swing set, a small slide, a balance bike at 3 years old, a bicycle at 5 years old, sandbox accessories, balls, bowling, etc.

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