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Gifts for children aged 5 to 8 years old

It’s a period full of learning and discovery. Your child is curious about everything, he wants to understand everything, to know everything, to try new things, to make a lot of experiences… There are so many gifts ideas, so I will split this post into 2 parts and different categories.

  • Imagination: you can still offer costumes, doll's houses, characters and animals figurines, circuits and cars, castles, pirate ships, fire stations, airports… Some accessories to complete the tea set such as a coffee maker or new foods or extra dishes. If your child is interested in magic and tries to create shows, think of offering him a magic set or a book on the subject.

  • Construction: the child can spend hours creating all kinds of constructions to enhance his stories or for the simple pleasure of exceeding his limits. I have already mentioned Kapla and Playmags tiles which can be an excellent gift idea also between 5 and 8 years old, as well as Grimms wooden toys, but we can also turn to Lego, marble run sets, Meccano, Plus-plus…

  • Boardgames: it is from the age of 5 that we can start introducing competitive games that require a little more thought and at the end of which there will be a winner and a loser. We can offer all kinds of games: card games (happy families, battle), memory games (Memory), skill games (pick up sticks), observation games (Lynx), puzzle games, etc. I can't choose just a few games from the multitude on the market, but some brands are essential and always have a quality offer adapted to your child's age and skills. You can’t go wrong if you pick a board game at Haba, Djeco, Giggamic or Asmodee, they are real quality brands with concepts that change from classic board games.

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