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Gifts for children aged 5 to 8 years old (2/2)

The first post for this age group offered ideas for imagination, building and board games. Today we will discuss 3 other categories.

  • Cognitive games: because at this age children sometimes want to be quiet and play alone, do not hesitate to offer puzzles or puzzle games. Games by SmartGames, for example, allow your child to take up increasingly complex challenges and exercise his cognitive skills: logic, spatial representation, planning, executive functions, etc.

  • Arts and crafts: there are a lot of boxes on the market to answer this search for creativity so important between 5 and 8 years old. At Sentosphere, we find for example the Aquarellum to paint: these are paintings whose edges of the illustrations are in relief and on which the painting does not stick: no risk of overtaking and a result that has its effect! Their Sandimage collection is also very nice: your child creates paintings using colored sand. Djeco offers a wide range of boxes for making mosaics, metallic or glitter boards, scratch cards, etc. Stroll through the shelves of creative leisure activities and let yourself be tempted!

  • Outdoors: it is very important for all children to be able to let off steam, so don't hesitate to offer a new bike, a scooter, rollerblades, skateboard... always with a helmet and protections! For a change, turn to the Ezyrollers, your child will love it! Soccer cages or a basketball basket will delight ball lovers. A Mölkky game, bocce balls or a croquet set will delight young and old alike.

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